Career Breakthrough Series EP05 with Michael Johnson (Mojo Master).

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Michael is the founder of The Mojo Master and recently launched Academy of Mind and Motivation.

Michael is a Diesel Mechanic by trade who turned down a lucrative mining career to follow his passion of enhancing happiness, human performance and human potential.

He walked away from everything to follow his dreams and goals and build one of the fastest growing self-development companies in the country. This year alone The Mojo Master has grown by over 700% and Michael has spoken and interviewed some of the world’s peak performers in the personal development, human behaviour and leadership fields.

He is also the person called upon by world champion athletes, business teams and executives looking to improve their human potential and performance. He privately coaches some of the country’s top entrepreneurs worth over $1 billion dollars in net worth.

:44- Background
3:30- Do What's Right For You
14:28- Why You Don't Achieve What You Want
18:05- Biggest Career Takeaways
23:41- Miracle Question
28:55- Biggest Challenge Facing Society
36:49- Living To Your Values
41:25- Best Career Advice Received
45:54- Finding Fulfilment In Life
48:45- Where Business Is Headed
52:31- Most Successful Habit/ Biggest Hindering Habit
58:01- Running Old Patterns And Beliefs
1:02:01- Best Book/ Tool/ Resource
1:14:27- Connecting With The Mojo Master

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