Welcome to episode 27 of the Career Breakthrough Series, in this episode I interview Heidi Anderson.

Heidi is a hit Breakfast host in Perth's radio station hit929,
Heidi opened up on air about her anxiety in March this year - this went viral and was seen by a few million people around world, from this she
received 1000+ messages. Heidi is also a Perth now columnist / writes for Mamamia Blog, operates her own amazing site called http://realheidi.com/ - which generates over 1200+ views per week.

Heidi won a national award for love yourself campaign & state award in 2012, was a contestant in the reality Tv show Big Brother in 2013, and was also nominated for cosmos women of the year for radio category.

Heidi's website/ blog- http://realheidi.com/
Listen to Heidi's show in Perth 6-9am on Hit 92.9

1:45- History
4:07- The Lead Up To “Big Brother”
7:50- How Overcame Anxiety Of Being In The Public Eye
12:09- Previous Careers And Biggest Takeaways
16:05- 3-5 Actionable Tips To Start Your Media Career
20:10- Best Career Advice
22:51- Miracle Question
27:52- Most Positive Habit & Most Hindering Habit
31:10- Parting Advice
37:20- Contacting Heidi


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