Welcome to episode 29 of the Career Breakthrough Series, in this episode I interview Allen Brouwer.

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Allen created a goal-setting system, producing diaries, organisers, and journals to help people become "the best version of themselves." What started as a Kickstarter project made in the region of $3 million in revenue in 2016. Its bestseller, the SELF journal, encourages users to plan three months ahead to achieve success.

It took Allen several years to find himself(part of him is still looking)
he loves what is true to him: challenging the status quo, living my own dreams, and helping people see things from different perspectives.

Allen is a big believer in how your mind can control so much of your life- everything from your physical being, external surroundings, and more.

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– BestSelf Co. – As the co-founder Allen helps people get the most out of their lives, gain control of their future, & bring more freedom to their jam-packed world. The products sold at BestSelf Co are world renowned and to date have sold over 100,000 products with over 1,000 5 star reviews and generating over $3 million dollars in the business.

2:30- History
4:56- How Best Self Co Started Up
7:20- How Allen’s Most Successful Product The “Self Journal” Originated
10:25- 3-5 Actionable Tips To Skyrocket Your Productivity
15:53- Biggest Mental Roadblocks And How Allen Broke Through Them
20:30- Most Positive Habits And Biggest Hindering Habit That Held Allen Back
25:17- Why We Shouldn’t Always Try To Do Everything Ourselves If We Want To Grow
29:08- Best Career Advice Received
32:02- Miracle Question
35:13- Parting Advice
38:47- Contact Allen

Art Williams- Just Do It- https://youtu.be/G05QtiHP1lI

Contact Allen- https://www.facebook.com/AllenKBrouwer/
Allen's Website- http://www.allenbrouwer.com/


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