Welcome to episode 31 of the Career Breakthrough Series, in this episode I interview Vanessa Shaw.

Vanessa is a strategist, peak performance coach, personal development junkie, money mentor and inspirational speaker all rolled up into one.

She have a gift for knowing exactly what you need to do to get from one level of success to the next. As a child, Vanessa was your “agony aunt” with whom everyone shared their problems. I was the optimistic, problem solving, savvy girl that everyone confided in to achieve their inner dreams. She then discovered that she could build a business from these skills and embarked on years of study as a Professional Business & Executive Coach.

Her workshops and events, including her annual 3-day signature BIG BOLD EVENT, BOUTIQUE BUSINESS INTENSIVES, and BOLD WOMEN IN BUSINESS, demonstrate her natural ease and presence on stage and an ability to deliver practical insights and inspiration for those aspiring for more success in their business and life.

Vanessa’s broad international experience as a business coach includes clients such as The World Economic Forum, KPMG, Oracle, The Global Fund, London-based law firm Cameron McKenna, Sandler Training, and many other professional service providers. Originally from the UK and having lived in Europe for most of her life, Vanessa has worked for the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, and held multiple senior leadership roles within the International Coach Federation at both the Swiss and global levels. She is a highly-accredited Business & Executive Coach who has dedicated years to her own professional and personal development.

Vanessa's Website- http://vanessashaw.com/
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/vcshaw/

2:02- History
4:35- Vanessa’s Impact On The World
5:32- Where Are You Not Walking Your Talk
9:21- Biggest Mental Roadblocks Overcome
11:27- Money Mindset
14:32- The High End Advantage
15:33- 3-5 Actionable Steps To Being A Better Leader
23:15- Biggest Career Highlights
29:06- Miracle Question
33:30- Most Positive Trait/ Most Hindering Trait
38:50- Did I Get Lucky, Can I do This Again
41:11- Parting Advice
42:53- Contact Vanessa

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