Welcome to episode 32 of the Career Breakthrough Series, in this episode I interview Daniel Dawson.

"The Rock" Daniel Dawson made history in 2013 to become the first person EVER to hold world titles in Muay Thai-Boxing, Kick-Boxing and Boxing!

With over 100 career fights including 30 title belts spanning over 20 years. Dawson is experiences in the fight game include Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai-Boxing, Kick-Boxing, Shoot-Boxing and Boxing

Muay Thai record of 59 fights for 47 wins, 31 KO's

Boxing record of 44 fights for 40 wins and 26 KO's

7 x Muay Thai/Kickboxing Super Welter Weight WORLD CHAMPION
2 x Kickboxing Super 8 Middleweight OCEANIC CHAMPION
1 x Boxing light middleweight WORLD CHAMPION
15 x Boxing Super Welter Weight OCEANIC REGIONAL CHAMPION
2 x Boxing Middle weight AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION
2 x Boxing Super Welter Weight AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION
2 x Boxing Super Welter Weight WESTERN AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION

Daniel shares with us some of the biggest obstacles he has overcome in his fight career and how he successfully made the transition from a hobby to his lifestyle. Daniel shares some powerful advice that i'm sure all of us will get some amazing takeaways from this interview.

Daniel's Website- http://awesomedawson.com.au/

Contact Daniel- https://www.facebook.com/pg/danieltherockdawson/about/?ref=page_internal

3:10- History

4:28- Standing Up For Yourself

9:15- Going Into The Unknown

11:00- Hobby To Lifestyle

13:01- Success Doesn’t Come Easy

14:25- It’s Never That You Are Not Good Enough

16:00- Turning Losses Into Opportunity

19:05- Every Fight Shared The S%$ Out Of Me

20:10- Knockout Self Doubt

21:00- Making Winners Decisions

22:53- Most Positive Habit/ Most Hindering Habit

27:25- Adaptability Is Key

28:47- Best Advice For Future Fighters

30:28- There’s No Limit To How Good You Can Get

34:14- The Power In Your Branding And Marketing As A Fighter

35:15- Toughest Fighter Daniel Has Ever Fought

40:39- Contacting Daniel

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