Welcome To episode 35 of The Career Breakthrough Series, in this episode I interview Tamara Thompson.

Tamara is the CEO of Serious Take Productions, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker.

From the moment Tamara's dad bought a camcorder when she was a kid, she was hooked on recording, film and production.

Tamara's passion for the industry really shines through as she has created amazing videos, trailers and promotional videos for some of the biggest brands and entrepreneurs around the world like- John Lee Dumas, Regan Hillyer, Allison Maslan, Esther Kiss and many more.

Tamara's Website- http://www.serioustakeproductions.com/

Serious Take Productions- https://www.facebook.com/serioustakeproductions/

2:22- History
6:06- How The Name “Serious Take” Formed
10:56- Why We All Need To Live Happily
11:57- Be Inspired To Create
18:42- The Power Of Follow Up
24:45- Creating Connections
29:22- Out Of The Box Career Thinking
31:40- Most Hindering Habit
34:10- Actionable Tips To Break Into The Film Making Industry
40:38- Miracle Question
43:50- Persistence Pays Off
46:57- Contact Tamara

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