Welcome To episode 36 of The Career Breakthrough Series, in this episode I interview Joshua T Berglan.

Joshua T. Berglan, CEO of Live Mana Worldwide is based in San Diego, CA and feels blessed to be “Connecting the Best With the Best” around the world.  Originally from Oklahoma City, Ok, he has been helping medical professionals, celebrities, CEO’s, business owners, brands and even people with complex disabilities reach their goals for over 22 years.  

Joshua specializes in custom beauty and skincare products, branded cosmetics and skincare, medical aesthetic devices and can assist any brand get on TV and radio.  He also can help with global distribution, business development, product launch and rebranding. 

As successful as Joshua has been in business his true calling is to serve and part of that service is sharing his story.  Joshua has overcome years sexual, physical, emotional and drug abuse that should have ended his life.  By the grace of God, he overcame and his story, while horrifying is meant to inspire and encourage others to seek help before it is too late.

Josh's Website- www.livemanaworldwide.com

Live Mana Worldwide FB- https://www.facebook.com/LiveManaWorldwide/?pnref=lhc

2:40- History

5:47- Being A Service To Your Industry

13:58- Treating Others How You Want To Be Treated

14:51- Creating Big Business Opportunities

17:33- Building Your Brand From The Ground Up

19:19- Being Authentic And Freely Expressing Yourself

19:58- Making The Most Of Every Opportunity

22:03- Most Important Message

24:46- Avoiding “Labels” In Your Life

26:50- Why Forgiving Our Selves Is The Hardest Part

27:08- Cancelling Out Our “Dark Passenger”

28:55- Most Exciting Things In Business

32:33- Most Positive and Most Hindering Habit

37:25- Best Career Advice

41:44- Making Your Business And Personal Life The Same

43:54- Contacting Joshua


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